If one doesn’t do everything completely standard and at the same level, people get disoriented. It’s a kind of cultural compression going on, similar to audio compression, where everything has to be “punched up” to the same intensity or people feel lost. What the fuck is so wrong with being lost?

Terre Thaemlitz

Photo of Russolo, Ugo Piatti and their \u201Cnoise intoners\u201D


“Photo of Russolo, Ugo Piatti and their “noise intoners” (intonarumori), Milan circa 1920.

These were invented in 1914 to correspond with the theories outlined in this essay. There were ultimately 27 different types of intoners, each producing a unique sound in one of the six “families” listed, including “howlers”, “exploders”, “crumplers”, “hissers”, “scrapers”, etc. Russolo performed several concerts with these in the 1920’s.”- The Niuean Pop Culture Archive

The Art of Noises

This limited circle of pure sounds must be broken, and the infinite variety of “noise-sound” conquered.

Luigi Rossolo in his “The Art of Noises” letter (Full Text)

Gotta say, calling yourself and all your friends futurists seems a little hubristic, though if I thought I could get away with it, I’d probably do the same.