You’re not thinking about, ‘O.K., this is going to be a hit.’ You’re just thinking, ‘I want to make someone cry.’

Nicolas Jaar (via joecolly)


This afternoon straight after work I typed up a basic programmers-helping-make-the-world-better page:

Hopefully we can get people with problems that need solving to post them.

And then getting programmers to help them will be easy!

All constructive criticism most welcome please :)


This thing sounds like GOD. Still haven’t justified spending over $800 to sound omniscient and omnipresent though. Demo is from Nav’s.

Do Something Meaningful - Coding for the World


It was then that it struck me; could the hobby time of programmers be diverted to help those doing the serious work?

I imagine a community - website driven, perhaps - of programmers who help code analytics and enablers for researchers.  Of companies donating hardware or cloud instance time for crunching.  Of an army of five minute code-reviewers.  The chance for us all to play a part, however small, in being part of the solution!

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This is an excellent idea.  Making tumblr themes all day makes me want to kill myself.  It’s sad how similar what I’ve been doing at work for the last week is to what I did years ago when I’d help friends with their myspace profile.