• 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • ½ cup water



  1. Start with flour in mixing bowl and slowly add water while kneading and scraping the sides. You want to use the least amount of water to form a smooth single mass. The actual amount of water you use depends on the flour, you may end up using less or more than called for in the ingredients. Towards the end, you can drip a few drops onto your hand to remove flour stuck to your hands and the bowl.
  2. Keep kneading for 4-5 minutes.
  3. Cover and put in the fridge to rest for 15-20 minutes.


  1. Heat tava/griddle on med/high for 5 minutes while you roll out your first roti.
  2. Take a piece that’s slightly larger than a ping pong ball from the dough, shape it in to a disc by hand, and dredge in dry flour.
  3. Roll out evenly with a rolling pin paying attention to the edges, you want it thin a mm or 2, and maybe 10 cm / 4 in in diameter. Rotate and flip it as you go to prevent it from sticking too much. You can dredge it again if you’re having issues with sticking, and maybe use a little less water next time. Its easier to roll out smaller ones, so if you’re worried make smaller rotis.


  1. Place rolled out dough on tava, flip after 1 minute.
  2. Wait for bubbles on the top.
  3. Using tongs, hold up top side of the dough directly to the flame for a couple of seconds. You should see the roti inflate slightly, flip and apply flame to the other side for a couple of seconds.
  4. Apply ghee immediately and serve or keep somewhere warm.